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Thursday, October 04, 2007
I have been searching for work for quite some time. In fact, I put a long day in today searching for work and even had a job interview. I’m not sure how that interview went but I noticed something that concerned me. I applied at a very nice steak house and they interviewed me for a dishwasher position. They looked at my application and noticed that I asked for $8.00hr for the position they were hiring for. They said that they would only hire for $6.50!! Whats wrong with that? Well, I’ve worked dishwashing jobs in the past and have been paid wages from $7.00, 7.50, & 8.00hr; and that was in the late 1990s (like 1997/8)!! Here we are approaching 2008 and I now am faced with &6.50 jobs!

Here is a good example my dad told me about the place he retired from years ago. He use to work for a company called Jatco and they were bought out by Ryder (which actually wasn’t too bad at the time), and then they were bought out by a corporation I believe called CCI. My dad retired early and couldn’t stand the company any more. He was very angry because everything was falling apart, people thought my dad was just an angry drunk but he saw something that was true. Today, CCI has 15 to 20 trucks out of a 500-truck fleet! They only have 5-mechanics out of hundreds of mechanics! They have a very small little factory now and because of this many jobs are gone. Parker Pen moved to Germany and that broke many people and shrunk the chances for finding reasonable pay. These corporate business thugs have &old our country in the name of money, power, and sex! Yes, greed and lust is the sin they cherish.

But there is some good news. Today I learn that over half of a factory was fired (by the Feds?) because the workers did not have authentic social security numbers!! Yes, you could have easily guessed it...illegal Mexicans! The whole city has been taken captive to illegals and now I heard that their going to start cracking down on the illegals. We’ll see if that good work continues (or will the illegals come back to work once the Feds leave).