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Sunday, February 25, 2007
The “Pen Parker” was one of Parker Pens innovations to add value to the Duofold line and increase sales during the great Depression.
The idea was simple, offer a machined metal stepped Art Deco styled desk pen base with a special spring loaded loop to let the pen cap be used as the vase. The cost to Parker seems to have been minimal.

In 1932, Parker pen advertised it as “Comes without charge”. The ad copy read: “We are giving a million of these Penparker foutain pens, at no charge, with Guaranteed for Life Parker Duofold pens purchased promptly, at $10, $7, or only $5.”

Parker Pens come in three different sizes to accommodate the Duofold Senior, Junior and Juniorette sized Parker pens.
One final curiosity, the drawing of the gentleman taking a pen from his pocket in the ad bears a significant resemblance to Kenneth Parker, who was in charge of Parker Pens advertising among other things in 1932.
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